JusT Cogens publishes analysis, commentary and discussion on issues in public and private international law.

We welcome submissions for articles from anyone, whether you are a law student, arts or history student, academic, legal practitioner or just someone vaguely interested in international law. Please follow the checklist below and make your submission to the Editors at

Publishing occurs from the first week to the last week of the UWA academic year, which is approximately from late February to November.

Submission Checklist

  • My article has something to do with public or private international law , comparative law, international relations or international business and trade.
  • My article is 600-800 words long, not including the title, references, or the by-line.
  • Longer submissions may be accepted for publication at the discretion of the Editors.
  • My article uses simple, light-hearted language, addressed to a non-legal audience.
  • Where there are references, they are made ‘in-text’ and included in the word count. An internet URL link is permissible. If there is an extended scholarly reference (journal article, book or conference paper), this can be listed as an endnote.
  • My article has a short by-line at the end with a personal description in light-hearted language.
  • I am happy for the Editors to suggest revisions to the article and have the final say over whether or not to publish it.

Ideas for Submissions

We are particularly interested in articles that address topical issues in international law and that can explain these issues in a concise manner for a non-legal audience. However, we also welcome articles on issues which are not making the news. If you are scouting out for ideas, look to past blog articles, our blog categories and current international stories. Useful sources include:

You can also email the Editors at for a list of suggested topics.

To submit an article, please send a copy of the article and a short author byline to