On North Korea and the Non-Proliferation Treaty

By Zachary Lucas Tensions have escalated recently between North Korea and the United States (US). In July, North Korea claimed it had access to intercontinental ballistic missiles, capable of reaching the west coast of the US. Amid the resulting political exchange, Trump promised a response of “fire and fury” if North Korea initiated a nuclear […]

America First, Paris Last: Does the America First Policy Mean the Death of the Paris Agreement?

By Aleksandar Vuksic Despite its shortcomings, and there are a few,[1] the Paris Agreement (Agreement) was a monumental achievement. Although the euphoria was not shared amongst all climate scientists, the international cooperation and new approach to climate diplomacy that was achieved cannot be understated.[2] It is no surprise then that when President Trump announced that […]

High Tide: Climate Change and Island States

By Olivia Townsend Seas cover more than 70% of the surface of the globe and historically have performed two important functions: first, as a medium of communication, and secondly, as a plentiful resource. These functions prompted the development of legal rules governing the seas, the most relevant of which is the United Nations Convention on […]

Is Kosovo a Country? (Part III)

By Samuel Lindsay RECOGNITION Having established in Part I and Part II that Kosovo likely satisfies the Montevideo Convention and independence criteria, it becomes necessary to consider the vexed question of recognition. Put simply, recognition is a statement or act by a State indicating the status in international law of another entity. The entity in […]

Is Kosovo a Country? (Part II)

By Samuel Lindsay INDEPENDENCE Having established in Part I that Kosovo satisfies the classic criteria for statehood in the Montevideo Convention, it is necessary to move to the next requirement for statehood: independence. While it may evoke romantic visions of the American Revolutionary War or the long struggle for Indian independence, the term does not […]