The One That Lasted 100 Hours

The legality of war is tricky business. Given the number of potential hotspots erupting (I’m looking at you North Korea), it might be a good time to look back to when it was last done well: the Iraq war. Not that Iraq war, the one before that- the Persian Gulf War of 1991. On August […]


On 4th April 2017, the town of Khan Sheikhoun in Syria was hit by a monstrous chemical attack. At least 70 people, including civilians and medical aid workers, were killed and over 550 men, women and children have been injured making it the deadliest chemical attack since 2013, which occurred just outside Damascus. According to […]

Why Has ISIS Not Had Their Day in Court?

By Olivia Townsend Once upon a time, in a land far away, citizens of every city lived together in harmony. All was good in the world. Peace and prosperity reigned and conflict was a thing of the past. If only life were a fairytale though. The world we live in is one paralyzed by terror […]

The Crime of Aggression: An Idle Threat?

If you’ve watched or read the news today, or anytime in the last 2 years for that matter, you likely know that the Syrian war has had far reaching implications. It has become hard to avoid images of unhappy refugee children and the equally unhappy faces of European political leaders as they deal with the […]