Two Ways to Secede in Life

By Shyamni Chokshi Last Sunday’s Catalan independence vote was one of two such ballots in the last fortnight. The stateless ‘Kurds,’ an ethnic group spread out across the Middle East, conducted their own referendum in Iraq. Both nations’ central governments argue that their constitutions do not allow any part or group within the country to […]

The Good Friday Agreement Gone Bad

By Mike Anderson The 2017 UK General Election saw the fall of a Conservative majority, a resurgent Labour Party, and a Northern Ireland dominated by 2 parties (with one independent): the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and Sinn Féin. The loss of a majority presents Theresa May’s government with a serious problem: how to maintain government […]

The Quest for South Ledge

By Jing Zhi Wong The sovereignty over ‘South Ledge’, ‘Pedra Branca’ and ‘Middle Rocks’ were the bones of contention in a dispute referred to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) by Singapore and Malaysia in 2003 by way of Special Agreement.[1] In 2008, while Pedra Branca was awarded to Singapore and Middle Rocks to Malaysia, […]

The World Wide War: Analysing Whether Self-Defence Can be Used in Response to a Cyber-Attack

By Eve Aycock In a society characterised by the coexistence of cyberspace and reality, cyber-attacks pose an increasingly menacing risk. The contemporaneity of this threat is evidenced by the recent global Ransomware cyber-attack, which was unprecedented in scale.[1] The key legal question in ascertaining the lawfulness of self-defence in response to a cyber-attack is whether […]